How to ask for money back – and get it

Tim @ Vibe
October 29, 2019
How to ask for money

The simple guide to getting paid back!

So, you lent a friend some hard earned cash. The clock’s been ticking and there’s no sign that it’s on its way back to it’s rightful home. That’s no good! You need to get paid back.

Learn how to ask to ask for your money back without being awkward or impolite, and most importantly, actually get it.

#1 What you’ve paid for

Whether it was for a baby shower or an inflatable flamingo, remind the person who owes you money what they need to pay you back for. They could have forgotten completely or not have known it was you they owed money to.

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#2 Exactly how much they owe you

You need to remind your friend exactly how much they need to pay you back. Break down the amounts so it’s clear how much each part cost, and give a total.

#3 How to pay you back

Make it easy for your friend to pay you back – use an app like VibePay to send a payment link which lets them pay you back instantly via bank transfer, or provide them with all the relevant details.

Don’t agree to accept cash; it’s slow and means you have to meet up.

#4 When they need to pay you

Give them a date by which they need to pay you back, which doesn’t leave any room for confusion.

If they need to pay you back later for some reason, they should have told you before, but if they need some time, they should ask you straight away.

The golden rule: keep it simple

There are just four components you need to include in any request for repayment, no matter who you’re asking or what the circumstances are.

Asking for money back isn’t socially awkward or impolite – don’t let your pride keep you poor.